MSO Personal Lines Program

The Personal Lines Program maximizes integration and consistency of coverage and rating components. The primary differences between the programs are eligibility and premium tables. The basic coverages and supplemental coverages are identical in all programs. The same exclusions and conditions apply uniformly. Coverage is available for individuals, including relatives, residing together. The property must not be used for business or professional purposes, except as provided for certain classes.

Under conventional forms, certain coverages are “found” in the form of exceptions to exclusions. Under the MSO programs, such coverages are specifically described and clarified in a Supplemental Coverages sections.

Main Property Coverages

  • Dwelling: Covers owner’s dwelling and attached structures, building materials and supplies for use as part of the dwelling, or other related structures.
  • Other Related Structures: Covers unattached private structures related to use of the covered dwelling, such as driveways, fences, patios, pavements and other related permanent construction.
  • Personal Property: Coverage for personal property owned or used by an insured. Property usually at another residence is covered for up to 10% of the limit. Coverage is available for property of others temporarily at the residence, or any other residence while occupied by policy owner.
  • Loss of Use: Coverage for increased living expenses when the covered residence cannot be occupied due to a covered property loss. Loss of rent or loss of rental value of the residence premises is also covered.

    Coverage Endorsements

  • Scheduled Property: Provides scheduled limits and blanket limit “all cause of loss” coverage on described property.
  • Miscellaneous Property Floater: Provides scheduled coverage for any property not more specifically provided for under the other endorsements.
  • Valuable Articles: Fur, Jewelry, Silverware: Provides “all cause of loss” coverage on a blanket limit basis for furs, jewelry and silverware.
  • Outboard Motors / Motor Boats: Provides “all cause of loss” coverage on an actual cash value or specified limit basis on boats, motors and related equipment.