MSO Combination Dwelling Program

The Combination Dwelling Program may be used to write property and liability coverage as a combined package type policy, or on a monoline basis. Risks not otherwise eligible for a Homeowners can be written under a CD policy with the same coverages available under the Homeowners. The advantage for the company is that, under the CD, building and contents coverages are rated separately, resulting in a higher premium.

Coverage Forms
The Combination Dwelling Program consists of four main coverage forms, with a single Common Provisions Form that applies to all policies. This includes all property and liability coverage provisions other than:

  • The specific causes of loss (perils).
  • The dollar limits of liability for Supplemental Coverages and certain personal property.
  • Provisions unique to a specific coverage form.

The basic coverages and supplemental coverages are identical in all coverage forms. To facilitate claims handling, the same exclusions and provisions apply uniformly.

Liability coverage included is Comprehensive Personal Liability (CPL) type coverage. Premises-only liability is available under a Common Provisions Form. Exclusions are pure exclusions. Coverages that are found as exceptions to exclusions in other programs are shown separately as Supplemental Coverages in the MSO programs. Dollar limits are clearly shown on the individual coverage forms, and not hidden in the main policy. This makes customization easier.