MSO Commercial Liability Program

MSO’s Commercial Liability program uses an “all lines” system, which greatly simplifies policy rating. Coverage may be written on a monoline or package basis, using the MSO Commercial Property Program or another industry property program.

Area is maintained as the rating base for traditional OL&T type risks, and payroll for M&C risks. This eliminates the need to obtain gross sales information, which is often difficult and costly to validate. For insureds who require only basic OL&T type coverage, MSO offers a separate Basic General Liability Form, with a reduced rate.

Products Coverage Options
MSO includes Products/Completed Operations in the main form. Coverage is provided by showing an entry on the Declarations page and charging the appropriate premium. Stand-alone Products/Completed Operations coverage is available with MCL 040. This is ideal for insureds with a discontinued products exposure that they still wish to cover. A separate products charge applies for all classes. In many cases, this is a flat premium charge.