A welcome alternative to standardized programs

landscapeWe’ve come a long way from our agricultural roots in 1940’s Northern New Jersey. Today’s MSO offers a wide variety of programs, each intended to address a specific customer need. Most programs are offered nationally, yet each program is designed to be compatible with a company’s underwriting & marketing goals. All programs include favorable features such as trigger endorsements, which reduce paperwork, and supplemental declarations, which spell out internal limits.

With MSO, members also enjoy direct access to the industry experts who developed the programs. MSO staff members are readily available to work with you to customize any program to meet specific marketing and underwriting needs. We offer training for our members’ staff, agents and work with programmers.

In addition to our customer-centric programs, we also offer services, such as our State Filing Service.

Features Common to all MSO programs

Supplemental Coverages
Most industry programs provide incidental coverages as exceptions to exclusions. In contrast, MSO uses pure exclusions, showing the “exceptions” as what they truly are, Supplemental Coverages. Examples include Business Pursuits Coverage and Incidental Motor Vehicle Coverage.

Access to Manuals and Forms
Companies receive access to manuals and forms via our website. These are also distributed to member companies on a quarterly CD-ROM if desired, at no additional charge. At the request of a member company, the CD-ROM can also be sent to independent adjusters to help streamline claims handling. In addition to standard MSO materials, company-specific manual pages and forms are included.

Ability to Customize
MSO programs are designed to be easily customized. The team at MSO will gladly develop and file custom manual pages and forms for subscriber companies.

Simplified Statistical Coding and Reporting
The MSO Statistical Plan is designed to collect data of vital importance for reporting and ratemaking. Because the MSO Statistical Plan utilizes the same basic record layout for each line of business, the data submission process is simplified. For companies working with more than one advisory organization, coding can be converted to MSO for easy data collection. As a statistical agent, MSO handles the filing of all summary reports with the state insurance departments. Copies are automatically sent to subscriber companies. To satisfy individual pricing, underwriting and marketing planning needs, a full range of standard reports are available. Custom reports may be available upon request.

Trigger Endorsements
Commonly used endorsements are preprinted in MSO policies, for example, Protective Devices (MPL 70). Coverage, condition or exclusion is “triggered” by listing the endorsement number on the Declarations page. Trigger endorsements simplify policy assembly by reducing the number of pages to be attached and save on mailing costs. For Commercial lines, trigger endorsements are signified by a “500” series number.