MSO Businessowners Program

retailerMSO’s BOP was the first in the industry to combine property and liability coverages in one easy-to-use form. From apartments to video stores, over 75 classes of offices, mercantile and service businesses qualify for the MSO BOP, including Bed and Breakfasts, Home Businesses, Landlords, Residential and Office Condominium Associations, Pet Services and Restaurants.

Business income coverage may be written on an actual loss sustained, with dollar limits—or it may be deleted. The Named Perils BOP option enables companies to write risks that might not otherwise be eligible, rather than the standard “all causes of loss” coverage.

Declarations Supplement
This is a feature unique to MSO. In most industry programs, limits for incidental coverages are hidden in the forms. MSO programs clearly list these coverages and dollar limits on the Declarations Supplement. For companies who want to offer different limits, MSO needs to file only a revised Declarations Supplement, not change the main forms. This reduces programming costs. Many MSO companies have their own versions of the Declarations Supplement. Agents use the Declarations Supplement as a marketing tool.

Another unique feature is the option to provide “all causes of loss” coverage on contents, but exclude theft. This enables you to write risks that you may have avoided in the past due to an increased theft risk exposure.