What are some of the special requirements for buildings under construction or renovation to reduce fire hazard?

July 13, 2022

by Nils Deacon, Manager, Inspections and Rating Services

NFPA 241, Standard for Safeguarding Construction, Alteration, and Demolition Operations provides specific requirements for fire and hazard mitigation for structures under construction or renovation.

The Standard provides guidance on electrical wiring being used on the job. Wiring, extension cords, and electric equipment used in the construction process must be installed and used in accordance with NFPA 70, National Electrical Code.

Lighting is specifically addressed. Since much of the lighting is of a temporary nature, special attention must be paid that it is properly secured and adequate clearances to combustibles provided. High intensity quartz lighting is often used on construction sites so this is an important provision.

Temporary heating equipment should be in good condition. If electric, have tip over automatic shut off and overheat cutoffs. Heating equipment with exposed heating elements should not be used.

DISCLAIMER: This information reflects the interpretation of MSO, Inc. with regard to NFPA Standards and Codes. It does not represent NFPA’s official position on the items discussed.


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