MSO introduces New Home Business Endorsements for BOP


Glen Rock, NJ – MSO®, Inc. (The Mutual Service Office, Inc.) is expanding the specialty Businessowners (BOP) programs they offer to include Home Care providers, Make Up Artists and Personal Fitness/Wellness Coaches. This is in addition to programs already available for such exposures as Bed and Breakfasts, Dry Cleaners, Funeral Directors, Pet Services, Restaurants, Self Storage, Landlords, Condominium Owners and Home Businesses. The specialty BOPs are designed to address exposures particular to each class of business.

The new programs are designed for businesses that do not have a commercial location and operate from various locations. Each program has its own endorsement, tailored to reflect the exposures of the business, as well as a custom Declarations Supplement. For example, coverage is included for clean up of fluids used, loss of employees’ equipment or client’s property, and professional liability.

The Home Care Program is designed for nonmedical services, such as cleaning, doing errands, and other jobs around the house. Make Up Artists coverage is designed for the professional application of make up that is done at varying locations, rather than at a salon. The Personal Fitness/Wellness Coaching program is designed for an individual, including a spouse, but not an entity that has more than two employees.

MSO is a property/casualty rating service bureau, providing product development and rating services to the insurance industry since 1944. MSO has long been an industry leader, offering programs that are comprehensive and easy to use. MSO’s plain language programs save companies money by clearly excluding coverage for claims that were never intended to be paid. Consistency of policy language between the programs also makes claims handling easier. MSO will work with companies to customize the program to meet a company’s marketing and underwriting requirements. MSO will continue to expand by making additional programs available in a growing number of states.

For information on all of the programs and services offered by MSO, contact Sue C. Quimby, CPCU.