MSO Introduces Homeowners Program in Connecticut


Glen Rock, NJ – MSO®, Inc. (The Mutual Service Office, Inc.) has announced that their unique Homeowners program has been approved in Connecticut.

Highlights of the flexible MSO Homeowners Program include:

  • A single Common Provisions Form, including all common policy conditions, applies to all Coverage Forms (such as MHO 3, 4, 6). Specific causes of loss, dollar limits of liability, and provisions unique to a specific form are shown in the individual Coverage Forms and not hidden in the main Common Provisions Form.
  • Building Code coverage built in.
  • Easily customizable Coverage Forms showing coverage limits to help agents market to clients.
  • True exclusions, with exceptions shown as Supplemental Coverages, to help avoid confusion.
  • Distance-to-the coast rating variable that offers companies the flexibility to write risks with increased wind exposure.

MSO is a national property/casualty rating service bureau, providing product development and rating services to the insurance industry since 1944. MSO has long been an industry leader, offering programs that are comprehensive and easy to use. MSO will work with companies to customize programs to meet a company’s marketing and underwriting requirements.

MSO will continue to expand by making additional programs available nationally.

For information on all of the programs and services offered by MSO, contact Sue C. Quimby, CPCU.