At MSO we respect the fact that each insurance company has its own style and corporate philosophy. Small to midsize insurers rely on our customized rating and statistical services to provide them with an easier, more profitable way to underwrite risks.

MSO was created by and for small to mid-size insurers, and that will always be our target audience. As a result, we are not the largest rating and statistical bureau. We are, however, the most flexible and responsive for the companies we serve.

The value our company subscribers derive from MSO goes well beyond the useful, marketing-oriented products we provide. Because at MSO, we're just as concerned with delivering quality service as we are quality products.

That's why, unlike other bureaus, we do not add on costs for services like statistical reporting, computer programming and product filing. With no hidden costs, our member companies are free to pick and choose as many MSO support services as they need without fear or anxiety of exceeding their operating budgets.

So if your company is tired of being forced into rigidly-defined programs that don't meet your rating and statistical needs, it may be time to give MSO a closer look. We give you a choice.

The custom products you want ... the personalized services you need ... all in one cost-efficient program. It couldn't be simpler. Give MSO a call today.