Why is it important to control smoking in residential buildings?

May 10, 2023

by Nils Deacon, Manager, Inspections and Rating Services

According to FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency), there are 7,600 smoking-related fires caused by cigarettes and other smoking each year. These fires result in a substantial number of deaths, injuries, and property loss.

Having designated areas and adequate mitigation measures is important. NFPA 101, the Life Safety Code, requires that where smoking is permitted, suitable ashtrays and receptacles must be provided.

This is particularly important in and around buildings with multiple units such as motels / hotels and apartment buildings.

The AHJ (Authority Having Jurisdiction) can require adherence to the code, but building management is responsible for actual full implementation.

DISCLAIMER: This information reflects the interpretation of MSO, Inc. with regard to NFPA Standards and Codes. It does not represent NFPA’s official position on the items discussed.

Fire damage caused by smoking materials in a plastic trash can, and continued use of non-standard receptacles (plastic garbage cans).